Vinnie’s begins selling t-shirts and expanding business throughout the school


Kaoru Murai

The four Vinnie’s shirt designs available for purchase. $15 each.

Isabella Wilson, Editor-In-Chief

The quaint and convenient coffee shop, Vinnie’s, now has shirts for sale. The shirts will provide advertisement for the business and style for the students and staff while including the new design.

“We ran a contest and had about 24 designs submitted,” librarian Sara Brown said. “After narrowing it to 7 or so, we had the student body vote and Rebecca Federkins’ was the winning design. We love it!”

The shirts are available for purchase at Vinnie’s for $15 each. There are 3 options for men’s shirts, and 2 options for women’s shirts, including a ladies cut. Sizes XS to XL are included in each of the styles.

The new shirts can be seen around school in a fashionable cream color to match the newly designed Vinnie’s logo.

“We hope the shirts will draw attention to Vinnie’s and ​get people talking,” Brown said. “Not to mention they are just cool shirts.”

Along with the new shirts, Vinnie’s has expanded throughout the year, aiming to be open everyday and consistently brew coffee for staff and students.

“We have expanded the business to include Italian Soda’s, gourmet hot chocolate, added honey for tea, stickers and now, t-shirts,” Brown said.

Proceeds will go towards the growth of Vinnie’s, and future expansion of the business. The library staff is always looking for creative ideas to add new aspects to Vinnie’s.

“As we wrap up this year and move into next year we hope to keep achieving those goals and utilize our volunteers’ creativity,” Brown said. “Keep your eyes and ears open- we just might expand to include some entertainment next year!”