Editor-In-Chief Ashna Mehra shares some helpful tips to *grind* through Finals Week

Ashna Mehra

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  1. Do your exam reviews early! Even if you have only gotten one exam review so far, make sure you just get it over with. The last thing that you want to happen is to have your whole exam review to do the night before the exam. You should do the review a week ahead, and then spend the night before the exam studying the review, rather than doing it.
  2.  Write out a cheat sheet: even if your teacher does not allow you to use a cheat sheet during the test, you should still make one because the act of simply making a review sheet helps you to study so much. You have a place where all of your work is there at once, and it makes studying so much easier.
  3. Use Quizlet!!  There is literally a Quizlet set for everything. Using Quizlet helps so much, especially if you have to memorize something. Use Quizlet for anything from Spanish vocab, to memorizing biology terms. On Quizlet you can use flashcards, test yourself, and even use the ¨learn¨ feature to memorize things.
  4. Eat breakfast and get a good night’s sleep before the exam: the worst thing that you can do is be groggy and tired walking into your exam. Even if you have a ton to study, do not stay up until 4 AM studying. After a point, you just get so tired that nothing you study will stick in your head. When you wake up, make sure you eat a breakfast with protein and carbs in it. If you feel like you’re not hungry right in the morning, then make sure to grab a bar with you to eat before the exam.
  5. Ask a parent to go through the exam review with you: rather than just mindlessly staring at the exam review for hours on end, try going through it out loud with a parent. It’s been proven that if you can teach someone the material, that means you probably know it well. Reviewing with your parents will help alleviate feelings of stress and make you feel less alone.
  6. Take breaks! When trying to crunch for an exam the next day, make sure you also take some breaks along the way. It’s been shown that studying in short periods and taking breaks work a lot better than studying for hours on end. So even if you have to cram the night before, make sure you are taking breaks to keep yourself sane.