Why won’t PCHS “take out the trash” on the first day of school ?

Explore the reasoning behind our use of the first half-day of school

Why wont PCHS take out the trash on the first day of school ?

Ashna Mehra, Editor-In-Chief

“Take out the Trash Day” has been a tradition at Portage Central for the past seventeen years. It is the day that the school gets all of its “housekeeping” tasks done, such as school pictures, student ambassador meetings and class meetings in the auditorium. This day has always been held on the first Friday of the school year – but many people now wonder why this event isn’t held on the first day of school.

Portage Northern High School holds their “Take out the Trash Day” on the first Tuesday of the school year. Some argue that having it on the first day of school makes things more efficient and timely. Portage Northern student Isabel Reid explains that getting all housekeeping tasks done on the first day eliminates students’ worries for missing class later on.

“Having picture day on the first day of school makes things much easier because we are making good use of our half-day and we don’t have to waste class-time another day,” Reid said. “Plus, we are already dressed up nice for the first day of school so that makes things convenient as well.”

However, Portage Central has its reasons for holding this day on Friday rather than Tuesday. Principal Eric Alburtus explains that meeting your teachers on the first day of school is a vital part of communication and interaction.

“We want kids and colleagues to get to know each other,” Alburtus said. “We want them to get a connection first and foremost… and then we can wait to do all the other stuff later on in the week.”

Alburtus says that having one half-day to go to classes makes students feel more at ease with their surroundings.  

“The goal is really to ensure that kids know what their schedule looks like, know their lunch period and feel comfortable getting from one class to another,” Alburtus said. “For us, it’s all about relationships.”

However, Alburtus is not opposed to doing “Take out the Trash Day” on the first day of school in the future. He explains that if there is a good enough reason to change the day, anything can happen.

“Nothing here is set in stone,” he said. “We could change anything, but I think that for right now, that’s what has worked for us.”