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Students´ thoughts on the new schedule

Graphic by Lauren McColley

Lauren McColley, News & Photo Editor

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As many have already experienced, there is a new start and end time to school. By only a five minute difference, students are starting at 7:40 am this school year. This is not much different from last year, but the new end time is the biggest change. Instead of 3 pm, students are departing school at 2:40 pm.

Junior Jackson Kinney, says the new start time does not bother him since he gets to school at 7 am anyways, it is only a matter of getting to class five minutes earlier.

Kinney said, ¨I love the new end time! Getting out of school 20 minutes earlier is so nice. I know it is only 20 minutes, but being able to get home earlier than 3pm is great. Not to mention the school day feels shorter.¨

Senior Julia Semler says she likes the new schedule better because the length of the classes are nice plus the lunches start earlier which is nice since she has B lunch.

¨I am in swimming so it gives us an opportunity to start earlier so then we can be done sooner. I’m sure it’s like this for other sports. And I’m sure that when swimming is over, I will enjoy this extra time at home too,¨ Semler said.

With the new schedule, most students do not mind the five minute earlier start time and enjoys getting out 20 minutes early, using the extra time for sports, school work, or for simple rejuvenation at home.

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Students´ thoughts on the new schedule