Close-knit Varsity Volleyball team approaches Wednesday’s Senior Night game hand-in-hand

Womens Varsity Volleyball team.

Courtesy of PC Mustang Sports

Women’s Varsity Volleyball team.

Bridget Doyle, Student Life Editor

During the summer, many of us sit at home watching TV and chilling out with friends. For those of us in fall sports, the summer is training season, especially for the women’s varsity volleyball team. The team practices four hours a day in the summer and two and a half hours each day during the school year, with the exception of game days.

“This season is going well so far,” senior Mackenzie Lundin said. “It’s been a lot of fun because I’ve played with most of the girls on the team before, and we get along well.”

The team has many players who are multi-faceted and are able to play several positions. However, this can be tough to see where everyone works best: but in the end, the team is full of potential.

“We’re still figuring out everyone’s positions and roles for the team,” sophomore Elise Eichman said. “At this point, we feel confident that we can compete with the best teams in the state.”

No team is ever complete without good relationships between the members. The volleyball team works hard to make sure they all get some one on one time with each other.

“Just being with each other Monday through Saturday, you learn a couple things from each other,” junior Maizie Brown said. “We hang out because we love being around one another.”

The team has pasta dinners on Tuesday nights before home conferences to get them full of energy in preparation for the next day. They also have team sleepovers and hang out on their own time.

The upcoming match against Lakeshore High School is Senior Night, and many people are full of excitement. According to Eichman, volleyball senior night is an occasion to recognize the accomplishments of the seniors: this year, there will be four seniors to celebrate.

“Some of it is supposed to be a surprise for the seniors,” said Lundin. “Every year after the game, we have a ton of good food. Our parents give us a speech and the girls from the team give us a blanket they made together for each of the seniors.”

Wednesday’s game against Lakeshore will be a home game held in the PC gymnasium. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be full of excitement and many memories.

No matter the troubles of any team, the volleyball girls are ready to win with their game with the people they are closest to.