First blood drive of the year coming on Thursday

Sign up to donate blood and help save lives in the south west Michigan area


Daaren Bukhari

Seniors Nathalie Sampson and Simona Hendl are both members of National Honor Society, who is organizing this blood drive. Students interested in donating should contact them to get more information and green sign-up forms.

Daaren Bukhari, Staff Writer

It’s finally that time of the school year where every student is crawling to find volunteer hours. What better way to get those hours than to donate blood!

Our school is hosting it’s first blood drive of the year on Oct. 18, and will take place in the commons.

“There is a critical need for blood right now in Michigan, and every person who donates makes a significant difference,” senior Simona Hendl said.

Donating blood can be quite difficult for many people around the world, but the benefits of donating blood for people around the state definitely outweigh the fear of doing so.

The process of donating blood is simple. Donors must be 16 years or older and will need parent’s permission. First time donors must receive and fill out a green information sheet from Mr. Baker, but returning donors can just grab a white slip which allows prospective donors to schedule donation times.

Either slip must be returned to Mr. Frisbee at the welcome center. Make sure to bring an ID and eat a large breakfast containing at least 24 fluid ounces before coming for donation.

Also, athletes are not permitted to practice the following afternoon after donation, so that must be taken into account when deciding whether to donate.

If you’re afraid of donating blood or don’t want to miss practice that day, you can sign up as a recruiter where you can help by signing others up to give blood. It’s an easy way to get involved within the community and state.

All of the blood that is donated goes directly to Michigan Blood who then proceeds to distribute blood to hospitals all across Michigan. With the current huge need for blood, it’s definitely important to try and donate if you can.

Either way, you can easily get yourself involved with blood drive: it takes simple effort and time. One pint of blood can help save up to three lives.

“It is crucial that we donate in order to help others who are fighting for their lives,” Hendl says, in support of blood donation.