Breadlift coming this weekend to save lives of premature babies and their mothers


Courtesy of Portage Central Student Council

Join in on a fun volunteering activity this weekend to get involved in the community and save premature babies.

Ashna Mehra, Editor-in-Chief

The time has finally come for Breadlift! Breadlift is an event in which students go around to houses and sell loaves of bread in an attempt to raise money for the March of Dimes. The event will take place Saturday, Nov. 17.

The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization that works to improve the health of mothers and prevent birth defects in their babies. It was originally founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat polio in young babies.

Student council representative Brynn Spears believes that this event is so impactful because she is able to help people that she has never even met.

“I think it’s really great because the donations go towards a great cause to help premature babies,” Spears said. “And of course, our main goal is to ultimately be able to save them!”

Anyone is allowed to participate in Breadlift, no matter what grade. All you need is a group of four friends and a ride to drive you around during the day.

According to junior Riya Chaudhary, once participants arrive at the school, there will be plenty of supplies to help volunteers do the job.

“When you get to the commons at 8:00 a.m., we’ll hand you a map for where you are recommended to sell bread, plenty of loaves of bread, hot chocolate and donut holes,” Chaudhary said. “It’s super nice to get there in the morning and be greeted by friendly faces and people who are ready to save some babies!”

Students may also receive volunteer hours for participating in the event. The volunteer hours count towards general school hours, International Baccalaureate CAS hours and National Honor Society hours. But according to student council parliamentarian Hannah Geerlings, the volunteering doesn’t feel like hard work.

“It’s a fun way to volunteer and doesn’t really require a long term commitment because it’s just one day and a couple of hours,” Geerlings said.

According to Spears, the best part about Breadlift is fueling our rivalry with Portage Northern. The two high schools compete to see who can sell the most loaves of bread, and our goal is to earn more money than them.

“Breadlift is such a good way to be a part of your community, especially since Northern’s doing it too and you can have loads of fun with your friends!” Spears said.

This year’s Breadlift shirts are based off of the brand Patagonia and feature the word “Breadagonia” across them. They are $20 for regular students, and $10 for students who are volunteering in Breadlift.

Breadlift is a great way to be able to help strangers with a simple act of kindness. For more information, contact your Student Council representatives.