Mariah Carey’s 15th studio album captures the modern pop feel while still retaining her previous style


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Mariah Carey”s 15tb Studio Album, “Caution” has been released Nov. 16, 2018.

Bryan Cassem, Editor-in-Chief

After 14 albums that have yielded major success, world-renowned artist Mariah Carey has recently reached another milestone in her long career as she dropped her 15th studio album this past November.

“Caution,” the title of her new release, features more relaxed music as well as vocals. The album as a whole does a stellar job capturing the modern sound of R&B and pop music today while also sticking to her specific sound. Her lyrics are more astute and unique than many other artists out there as well, which is refreshing and different.

I have never particularly been a fan of Carey’s work, but I have to admit this album possesses a calm and unbothered sound that I am quite drawn to. At no point in listening to it did I feel as if Mariah Carey was trying to be something she isn’t, which is extremely important for any artist and part of the reason why I enjoyed the album.

The album may feel a bit boring or repetitive at times, but I definitely still recommend giving it a listen if you enjoy R&B or Mariah Carey’s music in general.