The choir will be spreading holiday cheer at their annual holiday concert next Tuesday


Courtesy of Cindy Hunter

A snapshot from the annual PC holiday choir concert at the First Presbyterian Church held last season.

Bridget Doyle, Student Life Editor

Once again, the holidays have rolled around the corner, and what are the holidays without caroling and Christmas music? The choir will be holding their annual holiday concert on Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7 pm at the First Presbyterian Church 321 W. South St. Kalamazoo with a lot in store.

“We are singing everything from songs using ancient texts to more modern day pieces written by guys like Eric Whitacre,” Senior Derrick James said. “My favorite piece is either ‘There Is No Rose’ or ‘Sleep’. Both are absolutely gorgeous and the sound we will create in that church will be breathtaking.”

All of the choir ensembles will be performing at the concert. Each group has a series of separate repertoire, but will collaborate as one in the piece, “This Christmastide.”

“I always look forward to our winter concert because of the music,” said Senior Sam Breuer. “This year is no different, with a great selection on it.”

Junior Marysol Millar also agrees with her peers James and Bruer, reflecting on their program lineup.

“The music is really powerful,” Millar said. “There’s a form of communication that you can’t just achieve through conversation.”

Not only is the music great, the venue is stunning. The church follows the traditional gothic style architecture with a breathtaking rosette window and a magnificent organ at one end of the building. The opposite side features detailed wood work as well as more stained glass windows.

Breuer, James and Millar have all been in choir for many years before high school and love the program the school offers.

“I am extremely glad I have been able to participate in such an awesome choir program,” Breuer said. “I like the amazing creativity and family structure that is created by being in choir, as well as being able to create great art.”

The choir is open to anybody, and is excited to offer a position to any student who would like to join one of the classes.

“Choir is really fun,” Millar said. “If you’re looking for a safe place to make memories, make friends and communicate a powerful message then consider joining.”

Whether you can sing or not, catching the holiday concert is a great way to support your fellow mustangs and to appreciate the beautiful musical selection. Admissions are free for all.