Students speak out against heavy regulations regarding “chirping” at basketball games

Daaren Bukhari, Staff Writer

Basketball season. It’s the season where student sections are filled with electrifying superfans. Some opt to peacefully watch, minding their own business; on the other hand, there’s the small handful of students who love to yell out insults to try and get into the heads of the other team.

“I feel like if I chirp in the stands I can get into the opposing team’s head and maybe help us win” Grayson Plew, a senior, said.

It’s true that many other student sections around the country can get more wild than what Portage Central is used to, but in the eyes of the administrators, they want to keep the school image somewhat respectable.

Although administrators wants us to be a respectable school, it’s impossible for some to not chirp at all, and it definitely ups the energy of the crowd. Some may think it is disrespectful, but it’s better than having a boring student section.

“It’s important to get the student section super hyped up and I feel like the players need that hope to help them with the game,” said Plew.

For Jason Erhardt, a senior, his main motive for chattering to the other team is to try and make the crowd laugh — and he thinks he does a pretty good job.

“The main reason I chirp would probably be to try and make the student section get more involved and get a good laugh at my jokes, but to also try and get in the other teams head.” said Erhardt.

Although he accomplishes that goal, he recalls one occasion where he almost got kicked out by the referee for clapping in an opponent’s face.

But, for Erhardt, the high he gets from getting the crowd more involved is definitely worth the risk of being ousted from the stands. Students like Plew and Erhardt feel that our school is unnecessarily strict regarding these regulations, especially when compared to other schools.

“Our school is definitely strict on the student section,” said Plew. “I feel that everytime I scream something I have to watch my back to see if there’s a teacher watching because they literally watch us like hawks.”

Although students always manage to yell insults at every basketball game, the intent of their actions aren’t entirely harmful.

“I’d say I definitely do feel guilty at times if I say something I shouldn’t have, but you have to do what you have to do, I guess.” said Plew.