VIDEO: SAT Calculator life hacks with Opinion Editor, Ethan Lee

Carter Colosky, Ethan Campbell

Kaoru Murai, Website Editor-In-Chief

Juniors: sorry to remind you, but the state-required (and cancerous) SAT with essay will be April 9 at our school, and whether you like it or not, standardized tests comprise a large part of how colleges perceive you in the admission process, especially at more selective institutions like the University of Michigan. Therefore, it is crucial to get a good score on the test, even if you don’t like math or aren’t good at it. Here are some allowed, but possibly overlooked, tips and tricks that can help you towards getting that 800 on math, or at least raising your score by fifty or more points. And all of these tips can be used to help you on the ACT math section as well. Note—this article is intended for use with the popular TI-83, TI-84 and TI-84 Plus CE calculators.

To see more in-depth instructions to all of the calculator tips introduced in this video, click here: