Girls basketball snaps 24-year district championship drought


Rob Brown

The Varsity Girls Basketball Team poses for a photo with their district championship plaque. Coach Rob Brown credits the team’s chemistry and acceptance of roles as players as what brought them to this championship.

Jackson Kinney , Guest Writer

The Portage Central Girl’s Basketball Team celebrated a district championship victory with a 54-47 win over Kalamazoo Central March 8, 2019. The Mustangs stripped the five-year title from K-Central, making it their first since 1995.

Four-year coach Rob Brown said he believes that the team’s chemistry and acceptance of roles as players brought them to this championship. Coach Brown said that he had players who wanted the team to succeed over their individual goals.

“After the game on Wednesday after St. Joe, I felt like that was going to happen,” Brown said. The confidence of these girls and their coaches throughout the season led them to a successful year.

Skill was not the only factor that played a significant role in this season. Junior Captain Abby Long talks about seniors

Rob Brown
Senior Annie Stacey jumps for a two-point shot at the district championship game Friday, March 8, 2019 at Portage Central High School. This game marked the first district title for the team in 24 years.

Annemarie Stacey and Sophie Bench’s leadership stating that it, “is the reason they achieved all of their goals and had great chemistry this season.”

The seniors played a huge role in not only the district championship but the season as a whole. Long speaks for the team saying that they, “will miss the energy they bring to the team” and their ability to “make everyone laugh and smile” the most.

Junior captain Maizie Brown says she will miss the upbeat and positive outlook from Bench. She will especially miss Stacey’s sneezes during pre-game talks and leadership on the court. Since Brown and Stacey have played together for 5 years, Brown says, “I can’t imagine next year walking on the floor without her.”

Both Stacey and Bench talk about family which led them to such a successful season.

With Stacey playing all four years at Portage Central she said “we are all family” and speaks on how many memories they made on and off the court.

On the other hand, Bench who came from Arizona to Portage loves how her team made her feel welcome as soon as she stepped on the court. She said she admires the friendships with her teammates that will last forever and states.

“I will never forget my senior season with them and how successful we were,” Bench said.

The Mustangs finished off the season with a record of 16-5 and a district title to their name.