Accident Halts Monday’s Ambassador Meeting


Despite what some students are saying, the Student Ambassador meeting scheduled for  Monday has not been cancelled because of Senior Skip Day.

Instead, the meeting has been postponed because a traumatic car accident has prevented Kent White, the Student Activities director, from preparing for the meeting while trying to recover in the hospital and at home.

On Oct. 24, White and his girlfriend arrived at a coworker’s house, and he lurched forward as a car from behind collided with his. The next thing he knew, his car was “rolling in the air,” he said. Since no one witnessed the accident, speculation is the only thing authorities can use in investigating the crash.

The front of his car flipped and crashed into the pavement and rolled three times before stopping, landing on the roof of his car. His head slammed against an unknown object, leaving bruises on the left side of his face, a slight fracture on his skull and a concussion. The car was totaled as a result of a driver who was texting and driving (not White).

White is recovering from the traumatic event and said he will be ready for the next meeting, which will be rescheduled. He and Alyssa Cisneros, the Student Ambassador leader have to meet and discuss the next meeting which White believes will be in a week or two, he said.

“We never had an opportunity to talk last week, and this week we obviously haven’t had an opportunity to talk either,” White said.

Even if White had not been in a car accident, the Ambassador meeting would still continue to be on Monday, meaning senior Ambassadors would have been required to attend, despite the non-attendance of their peers. White said senior Ambassadors set an example for younger students, and their presence at meetings is key to teaching them how high school works. He said their absence would reflect poorly on the program.

“I would have told the Ambassadors it was their responsibility to be there,” White said.

White was released from hospital on Friday, Oct. 25 and returned to school on Wednesday. Despite the injuries and destruction of his car, White has learned a valuable lesson: don’t text and drive.

“It’s a good lesson to learn: the dangers of texting and driving,” White said, “because we are quite sure that the driver was texting. Also, wear your seatbelts, because I would be dead if I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt.”