The Student Parking Lot Needs More Parking

Bridget Doyle, Student Life Editor

While the student parking lot has always been chaotic, this year definitely tops the charts. There are cars parked on the grass, some in the handicapped spots and even some in spots people made themselves. All of these issues are a part of one major issue: PC lacks sufficient parking.

As the year comes to a close, many sophomores turn 16 and can now drive to school, which means they can  take up more spots. However this year, parking in specific is oddly different. Due to the construction of the new middle school, which resulted in moving the parent drop-off loop to the student parking lot, There are now fewer spaces to park.

Losing the parent drop off loop also took away the visitor parking lot. While there are  six parking spots at the very edge of the west lot, many parents don’t see them and proceed to park in the student lot. On top of parents and visitors, there are also teachers  who park in the student lot. It may be convenient for teachers to park there, however, I ask you to please refrain from this since students are struggling to find places as it is.

According to welcome desk greeter Nate Frisbie, the school prints off 600 parking stickers. There are less than 50 of them left. Many students may have to buy a second sticker due to the usage of two cars or buying a new car. Despite this, the number is still too big for a parking lot that fits around 450-500 cars in it.

“We’re not naive to the challenges that we face in that parking lot,”  Frisbie said.

Although the school acknowledges parking as a problem, the lack of action on the subject is highly disappointing. The only approach the school has taken to the situation is to give students detention for not parking in an actual spot. I drive from Northern to Central every day so the spots are usually gone by the time I get to school. There are some days that I have driven through the entire student lot and not found a single parking spot.

There is a very simple solution to the issue though. An anonymous source has suggested the use of the green space where the old administration building was to create more spots. The property is already owned by  Portage Public Schools, therefore it is still under their jurisdiction, and the school district would not have to pay for extra land. By placing and packing more dirt into the ravine to level it out with the current lot, the parking lot could be paved on top and new lines could be painted.

While it would be a shame to lose some of the green space but more will be installed after the new middle school gets taken down. There will also be some free space for parking there.

The parking lot is an issue, but once spots are utilized and new ones are obtained, it can be easily solved. Until then, a little leniency on parking would be greatly appreciated.