PC vs PN game takes an unexpected turn


Ashna Mehra, Editor In Chief

Last Friday started off on a high note for Portage Central. Channel 8 reporters covered events for “Senior Sunrise,” students decked out in spirit wear, and fans arrived happily at the night’s football game. After only two hours on the field, however, the atmosphere soon changed from spirited to spiteful. 

As the score began to become predictable, hostilities started to arise from either side. Senior Griffin Lantz said that as excitement heightened, Portage Northern fans started losing control. He recalled that PN students allegedly broke the bleachers, called out profanities, and threw orange powder all over the new McCamley Field. 

Lantz also reported that PN students climbed on the mustang statue while chanting their fight song. In addition to all this, a few PN students supposedly shouted vulgar comments at PC’s marching band, further heightening the animosity. 

Through it all,  Portage Central Student Body President Abby Lawler takes pride in the school  for staying calm through the chaos. She says that she is pleased with PC’s ability to stay true to our identity regardless of everything going on. 

After continued meetings with school groups such as NHS and student council, our school is clear that our next step is to carry on as mature individuals. Senior Maddie Lucht also agrees with the idea of maintaining good sportsmanship. 

“I’m really glad Mr. Alburtus has taught our school to have great respect,” Lucht said. “Our entire student body handled the loss and PN’s behavior so well. I think it’s fun to have such a huge rival, but I hope future football games against Northern end differently.”

After the incident, PN sent out a public apology on Twitter saying “It is clear that we got caught in the emotions of the game, which resulted in decisions that did not represent our school’s values and character. Moving forward, we need to become a more respectful student section, which we will work on in the future.”

Lawler extends a hand to PN, saying “at the end of the day, the people on the other side of the field are our neighbors and friends.” 

Photo credits: Mlive