“Moon Over Buffalo” kicks off this weekend

Premiering on Oct. 25 to 27 and Nov. 1 to 3, Moon Over Buffalo is bound to make a booming appearance on the spectacular auditorium stage. 

Taking place in the 1950s with a family that has a flair for the dramatics, this play is filled with comedy and many mishappenings. Between the affairs and trying to make it on Broadway, this family goes through it all. 

The Moon Over Buffalo cast is the main reason to see this play. The people involved are so excited to finally see their work put into action!

Senior Jada Thrash says her favorite part about the theater experience is that she can do what she loves with the people she loves. 

“Being able to perform daily and with my friends is definitely the best,” Thrash said. 

The cast is also very excited about some of the costumes they’ll get to wear on stage. Junior Eileen Schuring is looking forward to being able to strut in a gorgeous royal blue ball gown and is very eager to see herself in a wig fit for an old lady. Thrash is also thrilled to perform in a navy dress paired with red and white heels, which is her favorite part about the look. 

Junior Gavin Thrash is almost as excited to see himself in his General Patton outfit due to the fact that he has never worn a uniform on stage before. He will be completely decked out with the uniform, helmet and even a gun. 

The cast is extremely excited for everyone to get the chance to meet Ethel, their favorite character. 

“She’s just a goofy goober,” said Schuring, “She’s also the reason for a lot of the comedic spirals.”

As if there wasn’t enough action already happening in this play, there is also a sword fight that the cast is eager to see come to life. Schuring says that she’s ecstatic to spike someone’s coffee with whiskey and see the downfall that it leads to. Everyone is encouraged to come out and see the performance for a lively experience.