Portage Central’s potential phone policy

Jenna Vliek, Staff Writer

In the past year, some local districts and schools have been implicating a cell phone ban. Schools in the Forest Hills Public Schools District and even our own Portage Central Middle School have all banned cellphones from the schools. According to assistant principal Jason Frink, phones are distracting to students and affect students’ way of learning. 

A few of our teachers heard of a handful of schools that have banned phones altogether,” Frink said. “So, we agree that it is worth looking at how that is working for them.” 

Many teachers in our school already have strict phone rules but now we might be getting rid of cellphones for good. Principal Eric Alburtus has been discussing the use of cellphones with the school board and how they should go about it. 

“To be honest, there is not much here right now,” Alburtus said. “That is, SET is discussing phones and where we might want to go. But there are no decisions right now, about a ban or anything else.”

Teachers have noticed that while not all kids are, some students are addicted to their phones, which causes them to rethink how they should handle phones in their classrooms. Teachers and staff know that phones are useful tools but the constant distractions from them have them worried about their students. 

“This level of distraction has many of our faculty reasonably concerned,” Frink said. “Anytime we have a concern with how we do things around here, we take the time to ask, ‘Is what we are doing working?  Is there a way we can do it better? Is what we are doing fair? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Does our community support what we are doing? Is there someone out there doing it better?’”

As of Dec. 12, the ban is only a discussion and nothing is set in place.

“We understand that any change in this area could have a big impact on a lot of people,” Frink said. “So, any major change isn’t something that we would make quickly or without input.” 




Photo Credits: digitaldjtips.com