IB history students receive the trip they have been waiting for


Ranya Jamal, Opinion Editor

For years, history teacher Kent Baker has promised his students the opportunity to take a trip to Washington D.C.: This year, it finally happened. Vice-principal Tama Salisbury, Baker and a handful of seniors from IB History HL packed into the PPS shuttle bus and began their journey to the nation’s capital.

The group left on the first day of mid-winter break and returned on Tuesday, giving them four full days of political and historical thrill.

Senior Jaron Taylor thoroughly enjoyed his time and strongly recommends it to other students. He said that at the beginning of the year, they weren’t sure if it would actually happen. A group of students, faculty and alumni worked hard to make it happen.

“I was extremely proud and happy to be a part of such a great experience,” Baker said.

Salisbury brought the Maverick stuffed animal, who posed for pictures at their various tourist stops to be posted on twitter with the hashtag: #PCinDC2020. Maverick can be seen at the National Gallery of Art, the Capitol, the Museum of Natural History and even inside the White House. 

Senior Devin Crawford also captured some memorable moments at the White House during the trip. He even claims that his favorite part of the trip was taking a funny picture next to the beloved and historical George Washington portrait. 

Only 10 students went on the trip, and Taylor said it made it easier to break off into smaller groups to do separate activities, like going to the Smithsonian, which Taylor said was his favorite part of the trip. 

Baker firmly believes that going to this place that transcends time not only enhances their understanding in class but their understanding of history in the world. 

“The students can see that the government reflects the people,” Baker said.