Julia Watt shares her unique talent of composing music


Caroline Maier, Student Life Editor

School activities often allow students to find their passion and display their talents, but with a school as big as ours, there are many hidden talents that can sometimes be lost in the crowd. Senior Julia Watt falls into that category. Watt loves to compose her own music, and sometimes even writes her own vocals to go along with it. 

“When I was a freshman I did not get into the symphonic band, and I just wasn’t good enough that point in time to get into the more advanced band,” Watt says. “But I still wanted to challenge myself.”

When spending her time in class playing music that was not as challenging, Watt decided to write her own music. Even though they started off rough at first, once she got the hang of it, Watt even started writing full marching band shows. 

Watt says that music has always been a huge part of her life, and even started playing piano when she was just four years old. However, she is all self-taught when it comes to music composition. She says it was something that just came over time.

“It’s been a big part of my life but there hasn’t really been a class to teach music composition,” Watt says. “It’s one of those things that you kind of have to learn on your own.”

The types of music that Watt composes tend to follow what she is into during that moment, and due to her wanting to pursue a career in music she currently writes more classical and contemporary styles. However, when she first started, Watt composed more music following the style of the band Queen. 

“It really depends on what I’m composing out of nowhere,” Watt says. “It’s either contemporary classical or something from my own preferences.”

Watt uses a program on the computer to help her compose her music because you can listen to the actual pitch because when you can’t tell if the note is right in your head. The program also lets her add notes and play back her work, so she knows what it looks like as a whole. Occasionally Watt writes on paper, but most of the time it is just more vocals and some chords.

It wasn’t always a dream for Watt to pursue music, but once she started to show people her work, she knew she wanted to do it forever. Watt says that she has always been slightly shy, so performing always scared her, but the feedback from her instructors gave her the confidence.

“I showed one of my pieces to my band director and to my percussion instructor and they started giving me really good feedback to start improving it,” Watt says. “I  started getting really into it, and I started composing more and writing more, and it started to become a thing I really really enjoyed.”



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