Senior Sydney Sonday commits to Michigan State for rowing


Alyson Miller, Staff Writer

Every athlete dreams of playing at a Division I school, continuing their love of a sport in college at the highest competitive level. For senior Sydney Sonday, this dream became reality. Sonday will be attending Michigan State University as a DI rower. The catch: she has never rowed before. 

Sonday has always been a sports fanatic. She has participated in just about every sport under the sun, from cross country to basketball to tennis. However, swimming is her primary sport. 

Sonday has been swimming for over ten years, the longest amount of time she has dedicated to a sport. Even though Sonday has been swimming for most of her life and has received numerous championship titles, she knew that she wanted to try a new sport in college. 

“Over the years I have felt burnt out from swimming,” Sonday said. “Rowing always seemed to be a good option.”

Sonday believes that she got her athleticism from her parents who are also deeply-invested in sports. She says that her parents were very excited and supportive of her trying a new sport. Her swimming career made Sonday a great candidate for rowing. 

“I am very excited to be rowing but it is nerve-racking,” she said. “It will definitely be a new and unfamiliar experience.”

Sonday is looking forward most to the team, something that made her experience swimming at Portage Central so special. 

“I would’ve quit swimming a very long time ago if I didn’t have my best friends in the sport with me,” she said. “I do it for the team.”

Aside from rowing, Sonday is also excited about the many other aspects MSU has to offer. 

“I know it’s random but I am extremely excited for the food,” she said. “Their food is SO good!”

Sonday is ready to begin her rowing career, gaining new experience in a new sport.


PC: Sydney Sonday