Student athletes’ take on pre-game meals, snacks and drinks


Lauren McColley, News Editor

Many student-athletes may agree that there are certain drinks and foods they like to eat before, during and after games and practices. While some can only eat a little before a game, others can eat whatever they want and it won’t affect them. 

According to Pitcher Hero Ltd., some of the top foods to eat before playing a sport are cereals, rice, fish, bananas, eggs, and pasta. While there are much more, these specific foods fuel your body with protein, carbohydrates and essential minerals to give you the energy you need to perform your best. 

According to ThePostGame, Peyton Manning ate two pieces of grilled chicken, a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce, a plain baked potato, a side of broccoli and Gatorade before his games. On the other hand, Derek Jeter ate pancakes and an omelet before his games. 

Similarly to famous athletes, students in our school have certain foods and drinks they turn towards before their sporting events.

Junior Justin Wright plays soccer and basketball, and he is more lenient on what he eats before games and practices. 

“I usually eat a lot before the game and I can even eat McDonald’s before games because it never really affects me in the game,” said Wright. 

Wright says he typically drinks water throughout the game, but he always drinks chocolate milk afterward. Sometimes before games, he will eat a larger meal a few hours before and some candy right before the game.   

Senior Levi Conner is a dedicated runner, participating in cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring. However, he is a little pickier on what he eats before a game than Wright. 

“Before a meet, I will always eat a cucumber and a protein bar, and sometimes an apple or an orange; after an event, I will drink some Propel,” said Conner. 

Conner says that if there is a really big meet coming up, he will eat pasta beforehand to prepare. When preparing for a meet, he eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cucumber for lunch. 

Every athletes’ food preferences prior to games vary. Eating certain foods will help fuel your body, but eating what you are comfortable with is also an important aspect of being an athlete. Overall, pre-game meals and snacks are up to the athlete, but these are some recommendations in order to get the proper nutrition needed to perform. 



Photo Credits: Flickr