Portage Public Schools transitions to online learning


Cameron Weaver, Staff Writer

With all of the chaos caused by COVID-19, Portage Public Schools has decided to move to online schooling for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This has raised a lot of questions for what this transition will be like for students in the district.  Most teachers have reached out via email or video calls to contact students and have some conversations with them.  As of April 20, teachers have been assigning students weekly assignments and will do so until the end of the year, each student will have one week to complete their assignment for each class.

The staff has a new school schedule for the students to follow. Mondays will be math and art, Tuesday will be social studies and music, Wednesday will be English, business, and tech classes, Thursday will be science and world languages, and to wrap up the week Friday will be PE, family and consumer science and health. Students will not be given direct assignments from specific teachers, but rather a whole course assignment to make things easier. Students will receive a college-like atmosphere with not going to class for seven hours a day while still being able to complete their work in an orderly fashion.  

Most students and teachers are very new to online learning and both sides are hoping to cooperate and work together to make this mess into the best thing it can possibly be. Teachers have sent emails to students informing them of their office hours, where there will be an open live video call for students to join and communicate any questions or concerns they may have with their teachers or classmates. 

Overall, as a community, we are trying to get as much school work done as possible in this dreadful situation we have been thrown into. We hope everyone stays safe and does well with their new online learning situation.



PC: Inside Higher Ed