How small businesses have responded to COVID-19

How small businesses have responded to COVID-19

Caitlin Gast, Entertainment Editor

While many small businesses have taken a large hit due to the coronavirus outbreak, many in our community have been contributing more than just their share. 

Many businesses have taken to the internet as a way to stay afloat. Businesses that only had their menu online or even shops that relied on locals to stimulate business have created their own websites. Places that are locally owned such as Y’OPA Frozen Yogurt and Lana’s Boutique have participated in such, both of which were only accessible by phone previously. 

Another new thing that has been introduced since the outbreak is the use of advertisement through social media. Many businesses are taking to Facebook and Instagram in order to promote their store and attract more customers. 

The people, especially in Kalamazoo, have been supporting these promotions as well. In particular, the group on Facebook called “Supporting Local Kalamazoo Business” has been doing a tremendous job. Whenever someone in the group sees that a local business is struggling, they post about them and encourage others in the group to support them either with gift cards or buying their food and getting a new outfit. 

This group has gained a lot of traction in the area and is great for anyone who may want to try out a local place and help support the people upholding it. This group has also advertised for the downtown Kalamazoo area shops that have been creating websites and such. 

One shop downtown, by the name of Bookbug, has been making packages catered to certain events such as Mother’s Day or any birthdays. In these packages are socks, books and other little things that many would love to receive as a gift. These packages are available for curbside delivery. 

Presidential Brewing Company has also been making an impact on people’s lives, even if it is only in a small way. Wenke Greenhouses, another local business to support, partnered with Presidential Brewing Company and with every order that the restaurant placed came a free set of flowers. 

Many other businesses have been providing for the front line healthcare workers as well. From catered lunches that were paid for by the restaurant to desserts that hit their sweet tooth, many businesses have taken the time to show their appreciation to the ones who are helping us all. 

For any of you who are looking for something to do, go and support your local businesses from the comforts of your living room. Help your favorite businesses out by shopping local!


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