A Letter to 2020 PC Seniors

Ashna Mehra, Editor-in-Chief

You walk across the stage and shake Mr. Alburtus’ hand. One by one, all of the memories flash back into place: 

Courtesy of Paige Parker + Emily Neeb
Courtesy of Abby Lawler 

Your first day, when your mom drops you off to kindergarten but you’re too scared to walk in. The halls look so big. How are you ever gonna find your classroom? You make a few friends, some of them the same ones that walk past you in the PC hallway now as strangers. After six fun years, you move on to middle school and it seems like the biggest change of your life… “Seven classes?!”…. “I can’t believe all my friends are going to Central and I’m going to West!” 

You spend your days wearing Aeropostale graphic tees and trying to pull your shorts down because they aren’t “fingertip length.” You get excited when you get a “recess” after lunch because it’s nice outside, but dread changing into sweaty clothes for middle school gym. You make a few more friends, some of which will actually stick around for the next few years. And then there’s Eighth Grade Farewell – the ultimate coolest dance ever. You graduate from middle school with a trip to Cedar Point, say one last goodbye to your friends and then embark on the crazy journey of high school.

Courtesy of Maddie Lucht

Freshman orientation, you’re bombarded by 80 smiling Student Ambassadors and 300 worried parents asking questions. “How did we go from being in school with 11-year-olds to being surrounded by 18-year-olds?” you think to yourself. “I can’t wait until I’m 18.” 

Courtesy of Maddie Lucht

You spend four hard years, struggling through classes, clicking snooze on the 6:30 am alarm too many times and waiting for the weekends to come. You still get the nervous feeling in your stomach before going up to present an English speech, or the butterflies in your stomach when you win your first game. You find the teachers that you love and can talk about anything to, and hope that those relationships will never go away.

Courtesy of Kiana Martin

Before you know it, you’ve gone from the back row of the bleachers to the front. You know the words to the fight song by heart, and still laugh every time Maverick does his dance. You take some risks, have some fun and experience things you never would have before, simply with the motto “it’s senior year.” The college letters start coming in: a few rejections, but the acceptance letter to where you were meant to be. Every time school seems to be a little too hard, you close your eyes and think to yourself, “only a few months left, and then I’ll be walking across that stage at Wings Stadium.” 

Courtesy of Ashley Douglas
Courtesy of Noah Schuring

Grad parties planned, roommates found and conditioning for senior season under your belt. Only three more months left, and you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t wait for the weather to warm up to go spend senior skip days at South Haven like you’ve heard of the students doing for years before. Prom, water wars, ride out, awards ceremonies, one last hug to your favorite teacher….

And then before you know it, you’re on the stage. Mr. Alburtus looks at you with a smile and says “you did it… I knew you could.” You throw your caps in the air and hug your friends as you celebrate your freedom after 13 well-deserved years. You did it.

Courtesy of Anna Kite

The time will come. The hard work will pay off. Whether it’s in three months or in six. Whether it’s in person, or through Zoom. Everyone recognizes us, everyone remembers us and everyone’s doing the best that they can. We will leave a legacy in the halls of Portage Central. Because we are the class of 2020.