How to Stay Positive During a Pandemic

Sarah Fulton, Staff Writer

Several aspects about COVID-19 and being in quarantine are very negative, such as being stuck at home, missing out on things and having so many lives at risk. Here are some tips to stay positive during this pandemic:

The first tip is to be safe and follow guidelines. Government guidelines are put in place to protect and keep everyone safe. The easiest thing everyone can do is to play their part and stay home and follow the government guidelines. This will keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. 

Courtesy of Grace Cheatham Junior Grace Cheatham takes her dog for a walk near a local lake.

Staying connected with friends and family is essential to staying sane at home. Thanks to technology there are a bunch of ways to communicate with others, even in physical isolation. Zoom, Facetime and Google Hangouts are all great ways to video chat with friends and family. Another option is to write handwritten letters and send mail to friends or family. Staying connected helps you to not get so lonely and to remember that there is more to the world than the four walls of your home. 

Another tip is to stay informed, but not become obsessed with the news. It is good to watch some news from multiple sources in order to stay educated on what is going on around your area, the country and the world. However, becoming addicted to the latest news and everything going on with the virus and quarantine can actually be negative. A lot of the news right now is very depressing and getting too caught up in it can lead to a very negative mindset. 

Courtesy of Taylor Butler Junior Taylor Butler visits tulips in Holland, Michigan during the social distancing period.

One other way to stay positive is to keep your body moving. Physical activity helps both physical and mental health, both of which can be at risk during these strange times. Just a little bit of exercise each day can make all the difference. Whether going on a walk, watching a zumba video or doing some sit ups, make sure you are keeping your body moving. 

Lastly, find things around the house to keep yourself busy. Doing puzzles, baking treats and taking up a new hobby are all great ways to stay busy with a ton of free time. There is plenty of stuff to do around the house that you may have never even realized. 

So, though these times are very strange and upsetting, here are just a few tips to try and make this pandemic a little better. Stay positive Mustangs!