Seniors Reminisce on their High School Years

Sarah Fulton, Staff Writer

Seniors Madie Loso, Hunter Young, Riya Chaudhary, Jaden Hanold and Alyssa Mack all reflect on their interesting senior year and high school careers.

Senior Alyssa Mack Courtesy of Alyssa Mack

1. What was your best moment of senior year?

Madie: Getting to spend time with teachers, old friends and new friends. It was great getting to know everyone.

Hunter: Being able to play in the winter homecoming basketball game. We had one of the greatest turnouts and support from our school and won against a very good team.

Riya: The new bonds I made! I became friends with new people and we always had fun together.

Jaden: Playing for the varsity soccer team.

Alyssa: All the football and basketball games. Our senior class had so much school spirit which made every game so fun.

Courtesy of Hunter Young Senior Hunter Young

2. What is your biggest high school accomplishment?

Madie: Either finishing my Extended Essay or succeeding in forensics.

Hunter: Maintaining a gold level GPA.

Riya: Getting through the IB Diploma, which is something to be really proud of.

Jaden: Completing the IB Diploma is 100% mu biggest accomplishment.

Alyssa: Getting good grades and staying focussed.


3. What is your favorite memory of Portage Central?

Senior Madie Loso Courtesy of Madie Loso

Madie: Getting lost on the first day of sophomore year because I couldn’t figure out my schedule.

Hunter: Building a relationship with all my teammates and creating bonds I’ll never forget.

Riya: Being in Student Council, that group of people helped me get through freshman and sophomore year.

Jaden: Meeting some of my best friends, whether it be in class, at a football game or walking down the halls.

Alyssa: Being on the dance team my senior year and performing at home basketball games.

Courtesy of Jaden Hanold Senior Jaden Hanold

4. What was your favorite class throughout high school?

Madie: Either forensic science, TOK or psychology; I enjoyed all three so much.

Hunter: English 12 with Braford.

Riya: Baas’ 10th grade English; we spent more time being crazy than working but Baas was the best teacher.

Jaden: Mr. Lancaster’s IB Psychology junior year with some of my funniest friends.

Alyssa: IB Bio junior and senior year, it was hard but very interesting.

Courtesy of Riya Chaudhary Senior Riya Chaudhary

5. Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Madie: Get to know your teachers. They will be some of the best people you meet. They have so much to share with you about life and school.

Hunter: Attend all the events and participate in as many activities as you can.

Riya: I always tell people to not be afraid and to always get involved. High school is the last time you get to be young.

Jaden: I hope underclassmen take advantage of every opportunity PC gives them and participate in everything.

Alyssa: Enjoy every second of high school, even during the hard times. It goes by way too fast!