Pro-Con: Everyone Should Know their Roommate Before Moving in With Them

Caroline Maier , Student Life Editor

It seems that someone either absolutely loves or absolutely hates their roommate and it is safe to say that a roommate will make or break your college experience. This is why it is so important that you know who your roommate is before starting the best years of your life.

Courtesy of Kayden Daniels Senior Kayden Daniels with her roommate

Now I’m not saying that you should room with your best friend from high school because college is a place to meet new people–but I think that people should either meet or talk before deciding to make such a big decision like living together. There are many ways to find people now that we have social media, so it is very easy to find others that are going to your future school. 

College is a shock because overnight we have the responsibilities of supporting ourselves, while also having the most freedom we’ve ever had. Going into the new year with someone that you already know to some extent can help give a sense of comfort when we all head to an entire new community and style of living. 

Roommates also see everything you do, and I mean everything. They see the highlights of your life, but also see when you hit absolute rock bottom, and finding someone who you are comfortable enough to celebrate or cry with is necessary. 

Everyone hopes for a roommate that is like a built-in best friend, but it can be hard to form that relationship if you don’t know anything about them when you arrive at college. Having a prior relationship with your roommate can help to break the initial walls and jumpstart the relationship. 

Courtesy of Claire Lightfoot Claire Lightfoot with her two roommates.

Not to mention knowing who your roommate is makes sure that you will get along, unlike with going in blind. When you have the ability to talk with your roommate you can ask questions about their personality and living habits and make a decision if both of you  will get along. 

Roommates are such a big part of our college experience, so it should be everyone’s priority to try and have the best relationship possible with them. Finding someone either through social media or knowing them before is the best way because you are able to test the relationship to see if rooming is the best thing for both of you.

I don’t think that you can’t have this relationship with someone that you go in blind with, but it’s not guaranteed. Having at least a little knowledge about your future roommate can help ease you into college.


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