Local Heroes Wear Masks, Not Capes


With the number of coronavirus cases continuously rising all across the United States, the last thing our country should be doing is dividing itself. Whether it is dividing itself by party line, race or gender. But thankfully, the community in southwest Michigan has maintained its strong stance against the coronavirus and is continuing to fight against it. There are many heroes that aren’t wearing capes, but making a big impact of flattening the curve on the coronavirus. 

One of our own Mustangs has contributed to the fight against COVID-19. Sophomore Tyler Stolsky and his family sewed homemade facemasks to help local hospitals, such as Bronson, to help support the shortage of self-protective equipment available for our medical health professionals. Stolsky’s family was able to spend each week night making 20 to 25 masks, while sewing another 75 on the weekends. 

“It just feels nice because you can see when you drop them off that the doctors really appreciate it,” Stolsky said. “They’re doing their part and risking their lives, and this is something we can do to help them out.”

Fighting another issue caused by the coronavirus is the many families with no place to stay during this epidemic. The Kalamazoo Hotel has provided over 20 families with a place to stay and encourages everyone one to social distance and stay home. Though this is not a permanent solution for a lot of these families, it is providing some relief for the city’s homeless shelter.

“I also think it may de-stress them having their own space and being with their own family,” HRI Director Michelle Davis said. “Larger families will be placed into two rooms.” she said.

Both these amazing stories of people in our local community helping during this epidemic does not stem from a place of personal gain or greed, but a place of urgency to combat this virus before it gets worse. It also sends an important message to all of us about social distancing and wearing protective gear when going out in public.





Courtesy of Tyler Stolsky