The Most Popular College Majors

Sarah Fulton, Staff Writer

Many students at our school are planning to study very popular subjects next year at college. These students have chosen one of the top 10 majors across the country to pursue for their future careers. 

1. Biology- Heather Pennell

Biology is an extremely popular major among our seniors. Senior Heather Pennell plans to major in biology on a pre-medicine track at the University of Michigan this fall. “I’ve always found biology to be fascinating and I’ve noticed a lot of my classmates are also majoring in Biology,” Pennell said. 

2. Business- Jessica Zhang

Senior Jessica Zhang plans to study either finance or entrepreneurship at Cornell in the Dyson School of Business. She hopes to work in investment banking or private equity and eventually start her own business. “Many of the experiences I have had in high school with entrepreneurship and business extracurriculars helped shape me and influence my decisions,” Zhang said.

Jada Thrash poses with friends after a forensics competition, an activity which helped influence her decision to major in communications.

3. Communications- Jada Thrash

Senior Jada Thrash will be attending Central Michigan University this fall to pursue a degree in Communications and Broadcast Media. Thrash has noticed that her classmates who have chosen to pursue communications really have a passion for public speaking and impacting others. “I’m not sure exactly what the future will hold,” Thrash said, “But as long as I am inspiring others, I’ll be happy!” 

4. Computer Science- Halle Frey

This fall, Senior Halle Frey hopes to minor in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Frey wants to pursue computational biology, hence why she is majoring in Biology and minoring in Computer Science. “A lot of students aren’t exposed to computer science throughout high school,” Frey said, “So I think not a lot of them plan to pursue that in college”. 

5. Criminal Justice- Michelle Wadas

Senior Michelle Wadas has plans to study Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement next year at Western Michigan University. She has always wanted to help people and make communities safer. “I hope to eventually work for my home city of Portage’s police department as a K9 officer or detective,” Wadas said.

6. Education- Ashleigh Richard

Senior Ashleigh Richard has plans to attend Kalamazoo Valley Community College in the fall with hopes to go into education. She is considering either history or middle school science. “I’ve had so many amazing teachers impact me throughout my life,” Richard said. “I want to be able to spread that impact to younger generations”.

Senior Madi Lovell poses for a picture with a classmate from her Health Sciences EFE, which influenced her career choice to be a nurse.

7. Nursing- Madi Lovell

In the fall, senior Madi Lovell will be starting her nursing path at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. She then plans to transfer to Michigan State University or Western Michigan University to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Lovell chose nursing as a career because she loves helping people and knows the work is in high demand. “I’ve definitely noticed a lot of my friends from my EFE are also pursuing nursing,” Lovell said. 

8. Psychology- Nicholette West

Senior Nicholette West plans to study Psychology this fall at Kalamazoo Valley community college. In the future, West hopes to open a facility for children with autism to help them. “I’m not surprised that psychology is one of the most popular majors,” West said. “It’s a great thing for someone to study.”

Joseph Sturdy stands at the podium of a young political event.

9. Political Science- Joseph Sturdy

Senior Joseph Sturdy will be studying political science at Hillsdale College in the fall. Sturdy is excited that many of his peers are focussing more on their government. “I have always had an interest in politics, and with an ultimate goal of working in the field, political science seemed like a good choice,” Sturdy said.