A Day in the Life of a 2020 Senior

Ellie Geib, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the lives of everyone around the world, as we all know. Healthcare workers have become busier than ever before and risk their lives every day to care for patients, while others are stuck at home looking for ways to pass the time. Amongst the millions of people affected by this pandemic are high school seniors, who are missing out on arguably the most exciting part of their senior year. Senior Lea Stephen is one of the many seniors affected by this virus, and her daily routine has been completely turned upside down by this stay-at-home order.

Courtesy of Lea Stephen


7:05 am- Wake up

7:45 am- Arrive at school

11:17 am- Eat lunch with her friends

2:40 pm- Leave school and head to the gym

5:00 pm- Arrive home from the gym, shower and eat a snack, go on Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram until dinner

8:00 pm- Eat dinner

8:30 pm- Start homework

11:30 pm- Fall asleep

Courtesy of Lea Stephen


1:00 pm- Wake up

2:00 pm- Get out of bed to make a smoothie and eggs

  • Watch All American/Stranger Things while eating

5:00 pm- Go downstairs and work out

  • Run one mile, then take a Tik Tok break, do an ab circuit or HIIT, then take another Tik Tok break

6:30 pm- Shower

7:00 pm- Eat dinner with family and take a shot of apple cider vinegar, ginger and lemon

8:30 pm- Facetime friends

10:00 pm- Watch Tik Tok and Netflix

12:00 am- Eat an apple and peanut butter while watching a movie

2:30 am- Go on Houseparty to chat with her cousin who she is rooming with in college

3:30 am- Snapchat friends

4:30 am- Fall asleep

Although the coronavirus has changed the daily routine of millions of people, it can be viewed as an opportunity to appreciate what we have.

“Being in quarantine has made me realize that I should not take what I have for granted,” Stephen said. “I’m hoping I can spend some time with my friends before I leave for college.”