Rollup Ice Cream comes to Portage


Sarah Fulton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Portage’s first rolled ice cream shop called Rollup Ice Cream has recently opened up on Portage Road. The ice cream and tea shop features a unique process of making ice cream. After placing an order, customers get to watch their ice cream be made fresh in front of them on a frozen metal slab. The employees pour the liquid ice cream base onto the frozen slab and mix in toppings as the base freezes. The store features 18 unique flavor combinations for customers to see prepared right before their eyes. Rollup also features many flavors of bubble tea and offers sandwich wraps for sale. 

Currently, Rollup has three seasonal specials for the fall including, Cider & Donuts, Candy Corn, and Mama’s Pumpkin Pie. 

While the price of an 8 oz ice cream is a bit steep at $7.10, it’s definitely worth it. Not only are you paying for delicious ice cream, but also the experience of watching it get made right before your eyes. Rollup also has a great environment to hang with friends or family while you eat. With a lot of modern decor and different seating options, the aesthetic and ambiance are great for any day. We give Rollup Ice Cream a 4 Horseshoe Rating, and will definitely be returning. 



PC: Sarah Fulton