Disney Plus releases live action Mulan with premier access


Jenna Vliek, Staff Writer

On September 4,  Disney Plus finally released the long awaited live action Mulan onto their platform with premier access. While being greatly different from the original, it was still a good movie.

 Disney left out many of the original movie’s charming features, however, it was still clearly the Mulan we know. Aspects like Mushu, the music and Li Shang were all missing, though elements of them were still present. 

Though the music was gone, bits and pieces of the “Reflection” instrumental played in the background as Mulan was trying to find her true self. The “Honor to Us” instrumental was also used in the background of the matchmaker scene. Although, instead of being led by Mushu, the iconic little red dragon, Mulan was being led by her family crest, a phoenix, who appeared whenever Mulan was in need of assistance. 

The beautiful visuals also added to the significance of the movie. The makeup and costumes are breathtaking and have a lot of detail emphasizing the culture. The settings and scenery are also amazing making it a very pretty movie to watch in terms of aesthetics.  

A new villain was also introduced, who is definitely different than anything in the original but brings something new to the movie. Mulan’s friend group is present though they don’t play as big of a role. One of them is named cricket, which is a cute reference to the lucky cricket in the animated Mulan. 

The action scenes were a little cheesy, however, they proved how good of a fighter Mulan is. The stunts aren’t very natural compared to some of Disney’s other movies, but the fight choreography with swords or bows and arrows are very well done. 

Though not as great as the original animated Mulan, the live action has its own unique qualities that make it memorable. It kept true to the original Mulan’s themes of honor, family and being true to yourself. 

You can watch Mulan on Disney Plus with premier access for $30.



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