Marching band encounters new challenges this season


Cameron Weaver, Staff Writer

This year will not be a cake walk for our highly touted high school marching band. Our band has won a multitude of competitions thanks to our great students and our wonderful band directors. Even with all of the chaos our band has come together as one and has been as united as they have ever been. 

“The marching band is doing great and handling the restrictions on them exceptionally well and I couldn’t be more proud of how they are handling the situation,” New band director, Mr. Vantoll said.

The practices are most definitely not how they have been in the past due to all of the restrictions from Governor Whitmer.

“The marching band has been hard at work on making a complete show of music and marching. The show that we are working on is titled Sweet Dreams,”  Vantoll said.

The fans of the marching band can tune into the shows through a link found on the Portage Central Bands Facebook page. The next live stream will be on the 25th of September at 2:30 p.m. Their current schedule can also be found on their Facebook page with future live stream performances. 

The band has not been able to fully connect with each other so far this year due to gathering restrictions.

“With all of the restrictions we have been through our students have handled it like professionals and they have all been very flexible. As a new band teacher to Portage Central, I’ve been so impressed by the willingness of the PC Band members to embrace the changes brought about by Covid-19. The students have had no issues wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and being able to change plans when need be,” Vantoll said.

It has been a hard road for the band to stick together and work with each other throughout all of the Covid-19 restrictions but with Mr.Vantoll leading the way everyone is very confident that they will continue to succeed and persevere through this enduring season. 




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