Senior college decisions affected by COVID-19


Ellie Geib, Co-Editor-in-Chief

For many seniors, deciding what college they want to attend is an extremely difficult and impactful decision. They are not only searching for the best school to suit their academic aspirations, they want to find the school they see themselves living independently. Campus tours are one of the most helpful tools for seniors– they can get a feel for the student life and atmosphere within a campus. However, like most things, many universities have cancelled campus tours due to COVID-19. Many colleges offer virtual tours, but this still puts many seniors in a difficult position: they are forced to choose where they want to attend college without ever stepping foot on campus. 

Senior Kayla O’Donnell has had the opportunity to visit most of the schools she is applying to: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Caltech, University of Michigan, and Michigan State. She was not able to tour Caltech’s campus due to COVID-19, and she is less likely to attend this university simply because she did not have the opportunity to visit their campus. 

“Because my fit with the school I choose to attend is more important to me than its name or academic reputation, I think my college visits will play a fairly major role in helping me decide which school to attend,” O’Donnell said. “I would be hesitant to accept an invitation to attend Caltech because I am not nearly as familiar with it.” 

As a result of cancellations and closures, senior Molly Rohs also has not been able to visit several of the schools she is applying to (University of Indiana and University of Wisconsin). She is not afraid of attending a school she has not visited, but she does believe that touring a campus is an important step in the college decision.  

“I believe that visiting a college really helps you determine if you like the campus, student life, and the people there,” Rohs said. “I’m not hesitant to attend a university I’ve never visited, because I have heard great things about all the schools I’m applying to and I know I will like wherever I end up.”

Although each student decides which college they will attend based on different factors, campus tours are an opportunity many students take advantage of throughout the college decision process. With the absence of in-person tours, students can attend virtual tours and information sessions to understand what each individual school has to offer. 




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