When is the best time to decorate for Christmas?

When is the best time to decorate for Christmas?

Hailey Pullo and Jenna Vliek, Staff Writers

Before Thanksgiving

With recent Thanksgiving events and the cold weather setting in, stores are starting to bring out the holiday decorations. To some people, it seems way too early to even think about decorating for winter holidays, but to me this is the perfect time. 

Considering the major winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah don’t start until the middle to end of December, it’s often said that it’s unnecessary to decorate before the month even starts, but there’s plenty of reasons to bust out the decorations earlier. 

For one, a lot of people, including myself enjoy winter festivities much more than Thanksgiving, and would much rather start preparing for December holidays earlier. There’s just something more enjoyable about gifting presents to friends and family rather than simply eating a meal. 

Decorating early also helps to prolong the holiday spirit. Christmas and Hanukkah themselves are a short period of time, ranging from only one day to about a week. By decorating early, you can spend the weeks leading up to the holiday, enjoying the anticipation of it. 

Some people may say that decorating for holidays like Christmas during November might be over the top, and a perfect way to get tired of seeing decorations, but if we’re being honest there are more pros than cons. 

Because sure, maybe some people get tired of seeing a wreath on the door, or lights hanging up around the house, but for the majority of people these things bring positivity and excitement, not a feeling or boredom. 

Decorating early is a way to extend that holiday cheer and bring some extra joy to the period of time in between Thanksgiving and winter holidays, and there’s really no good reason to not decorate. So this weekend, I know I’ll be decorating, and you should too!


At the start of the Winter season 

When does winter really start?  Some say winter and the holiday season starts after Thanksgiving, some think earlier and some think later? 

Holiday decorating should be done sometime around the start of winter. The first day of winter is December 21, so holiday and seasonal decorating should start around this time. 

Wouldn’t all the seasonal decorations just look out of place while the leaves are still changing and there’s no snow on the ground? Without snow, it does not feel like winter and therefore ruins the mood of the decorations. 

The days after Thanksgiving are a good time to relax after a hectic week. Why would you want to stress yourself out from trying to put up things like a tree, if you celebrate Christmas, or other things like lights or outdoor decorations? Give yourself a break after Thanksgiving preparations, and leave this time for relaxing, not setting up decorations for the next holiday. 

Decorating for the holidays is also the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family. I know my family goes up north after Thanksgiving, and likes to spend time together putting up decorations. Holiday season is for family time, and what better way to start the holiday season than decorating together. 



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