Senioritis hits earlier than usual with the stress of virtual learning


Liz Williams, Website Editor-in-Chief

With all of the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on senior year, it has been extremely difficult to cope with our new form of virtual learning. As a  result of this, it is safe to say that this year seniors have an even worse case of senioritis than usual. 

The majority of seniors chose virtual learning from home this semester, which seems to be taking a huge toll on productivity. Many believe that this method of learning is more stressful and tiring than any of our other options. The idea of sitting behind a screen every day for seven hours and then proceeding to do homework for the next four to six hours just seems irrational to most. 

“I feel like a Zombie just staring at my screen and sometimes understanding what’s going on,” Senior Kyla Meyle said.

Most seniors can say that they have been drowning in assignments, as they feel that teachers are assigning more work than they normally would in face to face instruction. This process has undoubtedly damaged physical health as the number of restless nights increases, and activity levels decrease. However, it has negatively affected mental health as well. 

“Online learning has definitely caused me to be less productive,” Senior Janek Mietusiewicz said. “It is not uncommon that I accidentally sleep through my first few classes. Being behind a computer screen all day just doesn’t give me any motivation.”

In fact, this lack of motivation is not just caused by the long exhausting school day. Senior year not only comes with the burden of being the oldest in the school, but also the stress of adulting as we encounter new priorities and responsibilities. 

“Most of my assignments I turn in at 2-3 am because I work after school and don’t have enough time during the day to complete my homework,” Meyle said. “We are also basically doing college apps all on our own.”

This new adjustment seems to be altering the focus on our future and many find it beyond stressful as we are making the most important decision of our lives. At this point, many seniors are on their final straw and are just trying to push through the challenges and uncertainty of this year. 

“Whoever said junior year was the hardest lied,” Meyle said. “The motivation I had was gone from day one of online learning.”

As we countdown the days until graduation and attempt to move forward from our struggles, we address that even though we are exhausted, we are trying our best. 

“I’ll get my work done, but don’t expect anything more from me,” Mietusiewicz said. 



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