Mahnoor Hayat launches new clothing line “Noori Apparel”


Sarah Fulton , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Mahnoor Hayat has recently started her very own clothing line, Noori Apparel. Noori Apparel features athletic and lounge wear for women. Hayat got the idea for the clothing line during quarantine in March. She realized she had always loved athleisure brands like Lululemon,  but the cost wasn’t in everyone’s price range. Being stuck in her house for months was the perfect time for Hayat to kickstart her brand. 

Hayat started brainstorming for the company in March and Noori Apparel officially launched in October. Noori Apparel mostly sells leggings and sports bras, but they also have some other things like joggers and shorts. 

“One of my biggest approaches in promoting my brand is getting the community involved. That’s why I love having so many brand ambassadors, it really helps spread the word and it’s great for people to see their own peers wearing the clothes”, Hayat said. 

The brand ambassadors wear Noori Apparel and post photos in the clothing in exchange for discount codes to give out to their followers. One of the brand’s ambassadors is senior Lacie Morgan. Morgan became a Noori Apparel ambassador when Hayat first started looking for representatives.

“It’s super fun being one of the ambassadors for Noori because we are all around the same age so it just feels like fun rather than an obligation. Mahnoor has been awesome to work with and I love the clothes,” said senior Lacie Morgan. 

If you’re looking for some affordable athleisure wear, created by one of Portage Central’s very own students, check out Noori Apparel on Instagram @nooriapparel and online at 



PC: Mahnoor Hayat