Darby Lindstrom commits to Ohio State for rowing

Darby Lindstrom commits to Ohio State for rowing

Cam Weaver, Staff Writer

In the school we have many talented athletes in every sport that we offer. One sport that we do not offer however is what Darby Lindstrom excels at. Lindstrom has decided to choose a very unique sport– rowing– at Ohio State University. 

Lindstrom has always had rowing in the back of her mind ever since one of her old gymnastics teammates quit and went on to row collegiately.

“I always had rowing as another option for me depending on how my gymnastics career was going,” Lindstrom said. “I have attended lots of rowing clinics hosted by colleges to get a feel for the environment and I really enjoyed the experiences.” 

After mulling over what college Lindstrom wanted to attend she finally came to the conclusion that she would attend Ohio State University. 

“After receiving an offer from Ohio State, I couldn’t turn it down,” Lindstrom said.” All of their athletics are good and I wanted to be a part of that. Ohio State also fit well educationally for me. Ohio State ranks pretty high in aviation and that is something I am interested in studying.”

After doing gymnastics her whole life it was difficult giving up what she has known for many years to do something completely opposite in college. 

“Choosing rowing over gymnastics was not easy for me because I have always wanted to compete collegiately in gymnastics,” said Lindstrom. “The main reasons why I decided to pursue rowing over gymnastics was because of past injuries in gymnastics and the schools that were interested in me for gymnastics did not have a great aviation program.” 

Lindstrom plans on majoring in air transportation with the possibility of getting a professional pilot specialization. 

“I have always had an interest in aviation because of the flying and piloting of the planes,” said Lindstrom.

Lindstrom has had a lot of people in her ear trying to persuade her to choose one school over the other before she came to decide on Ohio State. 

“My family and coaches have had the most influence on what school I should choose because they have my best interests in mind and were presenting all the best schools that would help me the most,” said Lindstrom. 



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