Teachers create a positive environment for virtual learning despite ongoing challenges

Teachers create a positive environment for virtual learning despite ongoing challenges

Ellie Geib , Co-Editor-in-Chief

In a year where everything has been far from “normal,” it is important to continue one “normal” tradition of the holiday season: appreciating those for whom you are thankful. As inconsistent as the 2020-2021 school year has felt, the one aspect that has remained constant is the unwavering support from teachers. Although each teacher deserves recognition, these four specific teachers have made an exceptionally positive impact on these four students’ lives. 


Freshman Jake Longman: 

Mr. Krzan has made a constant effort to build relationships with his freshmen students in the virtual world, some of whom he has never met in-person. Longman looks forward to his class because he always engages with his students and asks them questions about other aspects of their lives. 

“Overall, Mr. Krzan makes online school way more fun,” Longman said. “He makes sure all students are attentive and engaged by interacting with everyone, regardless if their camera is on or off, and creates a positive learning environment.”


Sophomore Kathryn Kinney: 

Mr. Coon has improved Kinney’s learning experience in Honors Economics by not giving her class loads of homework each night, which minimizes her stress and gives her time to work on other classes. He is always available to help and provide extra support to students who may not completely understand new material. 

“I believe that one of the biggest challenges for online learning for the teachers is not being able to personally know the students,” Kinney said. “Mr. Coon has overcome this challenge by showing up to the school sanctioned events, such as football games, and talking to his students there. He also initiates conversations with us in class to try to get to know us better.” 


Junior Daniel Meimers: 

Meimers always looks forward to SAT seminar with Mr. Sura; it is one of his favorite classes. After he found out he would have to attend SAT seminar once a week instead of his normal seminar, Meimers was annoyed and upset. However, Mr. Sura’s positive attitude and engaging teaching style quickly changed his mindset. 

“He asks us questions at the beginning of class not only about school, but also about our lives,” Meimers said. “He gives lectures on the specific subjects we need help with or clarification on. You can tell that he really cares about his job, and wants to go above and beyond to help his students grow.”


Senior Audrey Bench: 

Bench has had Señora Moss for IB Spanish V for the past two years, and she has loved every second of it. Señora Moss never fails to greet her students with a smile and positivity, making Spanish enjoyable, even if it’s through a computer screen. She constantly reminds her students that mistakes are common, especially when learning a new language, which creates a welcoming and judgment-free atmosphere in her class. 

“Not only has Señora Moss taught me Spanish, but also how to focus on the positives in life,” Bench said. “Her perseverance through this crazy year has inspired me to be optimistic, no matter what happens. As I continue my Spanish education in the future, Señora Moss will forever be my mentor, and I will always cherish what she has taught me.”

Reach out to your teachers this holiday season and let them know that their time and efforts are not going unnoticed. 



PC: Ellie Geib