What Christmas album is your go to?


Sarah Fulton , Co-Editor-in-Chief

One of the most essential parts of Christmas time is the wonderful music that comes along with it. In recent years, many artists have started to release original Christmas albums in addition to their typical genre of music. Some holiday albums are a big hit, while other artists should maybe stick to year-round genres. 


Jojo’s Rockin’ Christmas- This EP by the 17-year-old former Dance Moms star features four Christmas covers. The songs still fit into Siwa’s typical pop genre just with a little added holiday flare. My personal favorite from the EP is Siwa’s cover of “Where are you Christmas?”, which is originally from “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, but has been covered by many other artists since, including Mariah Carey. While the EP does have some cute holiday charm, I think Siwa maybe should’ve stuck to dancing. There really is not much special about the album and I personally would much rather spend my time listening to any other Christmas music. 


A Very Trainor Christmas- This album is Trainor’s second to be released so far this year. The album features a mix of covers and original songs. The songs are pretty short with the whole album of 18 songs lasting only 55 minutes. Trainor’s album is quite entertaining and I believe a good mix of pop and holiday music. However, I think the songs get a bit repetitive and monotonous throughout the album. I would love to see some slower, more mellow songs and maybe a featured artist would be nice to add a little spice to the album. I love that Trainor branched out from her typical pop genre and created this holiday album for us to enjoy. 


A Holly Dolly Christmas- With quite a similar name to Trainor’s album, country singer Dolly Parton has just debuted an original Christmas album. With special guests like Willie Nelson, Michael Bublé and Jimmy Fallon, this album really is great. It brings a unique country twist on some great class carols. Parton’s twelve song album satisfies the Christmas and country combination that  I’m sure many people are in search of this holiday season. As Parton’s first holiday release since 1990, “A Holly Dolly Christmas” is sure to satisfy fans.


While these artists may not typically be considered holiday artists, their albums surely are unique. The featured artists and original songs really set these albums apart. While some artists should maybe stick to other genres, these albums definitely brighten up this holiday season.



PC: Sarah Fulton