Community service opportunities arise despite current challenges and regulations


Maya Garrison , Staff Writer

During times of uncertainty such as these, there are many things that we cannot control. However, one thing we can control is helping others and continuing to participate in what we can. Although there have been some changes to how PC activities and clubs are operating, they have been working hard all year to make sure students can still get involved, volunteer, and participate safely and effectively. Students at PC have still been volunteering throughout this year and have made an effort to get involved in the community, even if it looks slightly different. 


Many PC clubs have shifted to more online participation and virtual meetings to ensure the safety of their members and follow COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the uncertainties about sending/receiving letters, Elise and I decided to change pen pals from writing letters to making short videos” Senior Megan Gibson, president of the Pen Pals initiative, said. “We spent a lot of time communicating with the teachers at 12th Street and researching various video sites in order to make this new process as simple as possible.” 


The clubs at PC have worked hard to adjust the regular operation to a more COVID-19 friendly way of participating. Some clubs, such as the Loaves and Fishes initiative, are able to still participate in person, and participants are able to volunteer off-screen. 


Volunteers still have to adjust to COVID-19 guidelines, but they are able to go in person as they would in previous years, with a limited capacity. 


“We of course have to wear masks and social distance as best as we can inside the warehouse but luckily we are still able to do activities like building boxes, sorting donations, building meat boxes, and many more,” senior Rebecca Chenoweth said. 


These two clubs, and many more, are a great way for students to get involved with the school and the community in these times that students are feeling very disconnected from the world. Volunteering is also a great way to spend the holiday season, giving back to others and helping out people who are less fortunate than us. 


“My favorite thing about community service is seeing the gratitude and happiness it brings people. I enjoy helping make a difference and being a major contributor to making someone’s day,” Gibson said. 


PC Clubs and Activities are still up and running, and they provide a great way to stay involved with the school and get community service hours. Make sure you get out and give back to the community this holiday season! 



PC: Maya Garrison