IB students speak of struggles encountered as they approach the end of the semester


Max Eley, Staff Writer

There is no doubt in our minds that this year has brought the most struggle for a lot of us. Trying to capture the best experience of high school is certainly a challenge while learning in a virtual setting. Although, it is important to remember that we are all in this together, and we move forward through teamwork and by taking each other’s advice. Seniors Katie Bryant, Gavin Arkinstall and Heidi Roth take time to reflect on this year and share how they overcome struggles that may arise from the pressure of class.


Bryant mentioned how she has spent a lot of her time on large projects required for her IB classes.


“A struggle I’ve faced is preparing for several IAs because it is extremely time consuming and has stressed me out a lot,” Bryant said. “There are a lot of things to do for multiple classes and I’m trying to do them all at one time.”


Bryant advises that no matter how much work there is due, it’s important to take nothing for granted this year.


“Doing fun things safely helps to cope with the difficult time and take our mind off stress,” she added. “Even though there are a lot of things not happening this year, try to look on the bright side and find something good.”


Arkinstall is a student in several IB classes this year as a senior as well. He says that his agenda is often filled with a heavy workload.


“Sometimes it can become very overwhelming,” Arkinstall said. “It can cause me to stress over everything I have to get done.”

It is a common reality for many students to be up to the brim with assignments. With the added pressure of an unconventional year, it surely can lead to stress. But what’s important, Arkinstall emphasizes, is to get everything done as early as you can so that evenings can be spent having fun.


“This makes sure that in the future I don’t have to work on as many assignments all at once,” he said.


The last piece of advice comes from Roth who also is given a plethora of IB projects and assignments. For her, it’s been difficult to find enough time required to put toward each class. Balancing work, school, and life has been challenging especially this year.


“I also feel like the pressure to do better and get things just right on tests is another thing I struggle with,” she said. “The teachers hold you to that higher standard as well.”


Though what’s been mentioned by all is that it’s important to spend time having fun with others safely. After all, high school only lasts four years.


“One thing I do to relax and have fun is to take a break from everything and go outside for a walk in nature or go out for coffee with my friends—just a way to slow down and be present,” Roth said.

PC: Max Eley