Students make new resolutions for 2021


Ellie Geib, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many people begin each new year with a list of goals they hope to accomplish over the next 12 months. Whether it be working out and getting into shape, earning better grades, making new friends, or expanding your horizons and trying new things, everyone has at least one goal or wish they hope to achieve. Coming out of 2020, one of the chaotic years in history, it is seemingly easy to enter 2021 with an extensive list of New Year resolutions. 


Senior Meet Patel enters the new year hoping to improve himself mentally and physically, with many resolutions. His first resolution is to figure out how to speak Spanish because he has to do the IB Oral soon. He would also like to drink more orange juice because it tastes a lot better than he thought it did. His final hope for 2021 is to get taller because he is only 5’9” and everyone else is taller than him.


Patel learned many lessons about himself in 2020, that he will most certainly apply to 2021. It is important for him to remember that when things don’t go his way, all he can do is smile and move on. He also learned to be grateful every day for the people in his life and the things he has. 


“There were a lot of lessons my mentors and coaches taught me last year, but the biggest thing I’ll apply to my life is that no matter how hard it gets, I can’t control the circumstances, I just have to believe in myself, and keep persevering,” Patel said. “I’m going to make 2021 the best year for myself by being myself, and most importantly drinking more orange juice.”


2020 taught junior Lindsay Knight that it is always possible to find positive things in negative situations and that you should not take the little things for granted. 


“I am going to apply this lesson to my life in 2021 by being more appreciative, and trying to be more positive,” Knight said. “I am going to make 2021 a better year by doing what is best for myself, and staying positive and happy.” 


Sophomore Morgan Rearick begins 2021 with aspirations of focusing on being more grateful and learning to take things day by day. Rearick has these resolutions because she thinks it is good to enter the new year with an open mind, without worries or stress. 


“In 2020, I learned to cherish the time you have and not to worry about what is ahead,” Rearick said. “I can apply these lessons to 2021 and beyond because I think it’s important that when things get chaotic and life becomes busy, to remember to be thankful for the little things.” 


Although 2020 was not the year anyone was expecting, it reminded us to never take for granted what we have and to constantly appreciate our blessings. With the knowledge that we gained in 2020, hopefully, all of us can accomplish our New Year resolutions, and make 2021 the best year yet. 



PC: Ellie Geib