Small businesses launch within the PC community


Cam Weaver, Staff Writer

Here at school, we have lots of innovative and entrepreneurial students. three of our students have even started their own businesses. 

Seniors Nick Ford and Connor Kolberg started a lawn care business at the beginning of the shutdowns due to COVID-19. 

“Connor and I started our business because COVID-19 got in the way of both of our regular jobs. We started off doing door to door sales and eventually word of our business got around and we were unable to do it by ourselves anymore,” Ford said. 

“I haven’t really considered if I am going to continue my business after high school, it mostly depends on where I go to college in the fall,” Ford said.

Covid-19 has affected our business in a positive way because people tend to be at home more and this allowed us to do door to door sales which went very well.

  Connor and I started our business because we were bored in lockdown and we decided to make some extra money together.” Ford said.

Calista Richmond also has a small business reselling clothing “After seeing accounts on Instagram that thrift and resell clothes I became interested in doing the same thing, so after a few months of doing that on Instagram it became a lot more work than I imagined once I got around 1400 followers. I decided to continue selling clothes on Mercari because it was much less time consuming.” Richmond said.
“I will continue to sell clothes on Mercari after high school because it is a super easy way to make some extra money,” Richmond said.

 Covid-19 kind of made it a better idea because online shopping became a lot more prevalent during quarantine. 

Junior Ella Johnson sells art online and is making quite a name for herself. “I started my small business so I had a consistent source of income to donate to the local homeless camps,” Johnson said.

“I plan on going to college for business and I hope to eventually own my own store to sell my art out of,” Johnson said. 

“Covid-19 has affected my business in many ways. To start ,my shipping rates skyrocketed but shipping became a lot slower than usual. At the same time lots of people have been buying from small businesses more than usual so that has helped me,” Johnson said.

“When I started my business it was just me selling my work off of my parents facebook and overtime I eventually got a lot of sales from people here and other cities so I started my own page,” Johnson said.


PC: Cam Weaver