Turbo Chicken comes to Portage


Sarah Fulton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Turbo Chicken on Portage Road has been gaining a lot of popularity around town lately. Facebook groups like “Kalamazoo Menu” are much to accredit for this growing popularity. The group is a platform for members of the community to promote locally owned businesses such as Turbo Chicken. 

Located right off of I-94 on Portage Road, Turbo Chicken is in a great location for anyone to go pick up some chicken. The restaurant is carry-out only and features a wide variety of menu items including fried and grilled chicken, tater tots, wraps and sandwiches. I tried the original chicken sandwich with a side of tater tots and turbo sauce. While the chicken was very moist and tender, the food as a whole was a bit too peppery for me. I am not a huge fan of spice at all so I purposely did not get the spicy chicken sandwich but instead the original. It still had quite a spice to it, as did the tater tots. However, the turbo sauce was quite redeeming for the meal as a whole. The staff was super friendly and personable. My meal was ready right at my pickup time and stayed warm until I got home, which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend Turbo Chicken to anyone with a slight spice tolerance and make sure you try some of the specialty tater tots!


PC: Sarah Fulton