Students share thoughts about returning to in-person learning


Cam Weaver, Staff Writer

For the majority of the year at Portage Central Highschool most students have been learning online and staying at home. For the fourth quarter in this school year some students have decided to come back and try to finish out the year in as normal of a way as possible. 

Senior Caden Lantz has decided to come back to school to finish out his year in the classroom rather than at his house. 

“I would rather go to school to be with my friends rather than being by myself everyday at home.There really wasn’t much of a deciding factor for me because my parents made me go because they wanted me to finish my senior year in school. In my opinion online school is definitely easier than in person because of the flexibility of your schedule and the work is usually easier.”


Senior Alex Vanhoven has also decided to come back to school for the rest of the year. 

“For me I would rather go to school than stay at home so that was an easy decision for me to go to school again. Going to school is a lot better now because I get to see some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while and I also get to see some teachers I haven’t seen. I think school is neither easier or harder at school because of the hybrid system, I think that for the most part it is the same level of difficulty. 


And finally senior Zane Graham has decided to stay home for the rest of this year. 

“I would rather stay at home this year because I have done it all year and I am in a good routine for all of my classes. I would rather be at home because of all the perks that come with it such as sleeping in more and being able to do school work how I like to do it. I would say in person is probably easier because you are there with the teachers and other students. You also have much easier access to help and it is easier to ask questions.” 


Regardless of in-person or online classes we hope that all students can excel and finish out this crazy year in a strong way. 



PC: Northern Virginia Magazine