Crumbl Cookie: worth the wait?

Audrey Beneke, Staff Writer

The long-awaited Crumbl Cookie is finally open this month. In April of 2021, a sign was posted in an empty storefront on Century Avenue advertising the opening of the extremely popular dessert store.

Crumbl has been steadily opening more stores across the country including ones in Grand Rapids and Detroit which opened before the pandemic. On Dec. 2 Crumbl opened its doors to the public for the first time and I took a trip out to Centruy Ave to try their flavors for the week of Dec. 6.

The environment was great and the self order stations were very helpful. It was super efficient, we didn’t wait any more than ten minutes for our six cookies to be ready. The cookies that were supposed to warm were warm and the chilled cookies were cold.

The first cookie I tried was the eggnog sugar cookie. This one was my favorite out of this week’s flavors. It was really soft and the frosting wasn’t too sweet which was nice since one cookie can leave your sweet tooth feeling overwhelmed.

The gingerbread cake was really thick and the cream cheese frosting was super sweet. The actual cookie itself had a nice flavor but I would say the cinnamon taste stood out the most. Its presentation was very festive with small gingerbread man-shaped sprinkles.

Mom’s recipe cookie was decent, it states that it contains toffee, semi-sweet chocolate, and peanut butter chips then topped with sea salt. The peanut butter taste was overpowering and I could not really taste the coffee or chocolate. The sugar ft. mother’s reindeer games was not anything special, just a sugar cookie with green and red sprinkles and white chocolate on top, it was really sweet.

The final cookie I tried was chocolate ft. York, this cookie was served chilled. It had a very strong chocolate flavor which is to be expected and the mint filling in the center was a nice way to break up the heavy flavor of the chocolate.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Crumbl Cookie and will definitely be returning again. The price seemed a little high but the size of a single cookie really makes it worth your money. Waiting for them to open was definitely worth it and I’m glad to have one closer to home.

4/5 Stars