Mask Mandate Lifted


A sign in a classroom that shows previous mask requirements.

Hailey Pullo, Editor-in-chief

On Monday, Feb. 21, the mask guidelines for schools mandated by the district were lifted after the state’s guidance for masking changed.

The mandate has been in place since the beginning of the school year and required students to wear masks while within the classroom, but did not require students to wear masks at after school events.

Masks will no longer be required during school hours or on buses.

With masks now optional, students  have the choice to decide whether or not they wear a mask to school. After this first week some students have offered their reasons on why they have decided to continue wearing a mask or go without.


Sophomore Rowan Gibb

“I think the mandate being lifted was a call made in line with with what’s happening around the country. I think it was a timely call. I personally prefer to wear a mask because it gives me a sense of security. Also I have something called facial dysphoria (basically I get uncomfortable looking at my face) and the mask really helps.”

Freshman Jillian Hatfield

“I decided not to wear a mask to have a sense of normality again. I’m fully vaccinated and already had COVID-19 so contracting it and being asymptomatic isn’t a concern of mine. Obviously if someone tells me a mask is required or I feel some cold symptoms coming on I will put one on with no problems. I support masking completely, I just try to use opportunities to feel somewhat  normal as much as possible.”


Junior Ava Moyle

“I decided to keep wearing a mask because it keeps my family safe since they haven’t gotten COVID-19, and it makes me feel more comfortable since I don’t know if people are vaccinated.”