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Hockey team keeps canoe

Isabella Wilson

December 11, 2015

On Dec. 7, the Portage Central hockey team triumphantly won their game against cross-town rival Portage Northern. The final score of 3-1 was an undeniable success to remember for years. The canoe is given to the winning team duri...

New Chinese yo-yo club brings culture to Portage Central

Shawna Huang

December 11, 2015

Everyone has his or her own unique passion – something they find they love to do and do well.  For many, this is an instrument, sport or activity to which they choose to devote their time and energy. For senior Michael Tar...

Low interest dooms Dodgeball tournament

Zach Franks

December 7, 2015

The first ever dodge ball tournament was called off on Friday, just one day before it was supposed to happen. This was due to an insufficient amount of teams signing up. This event was supposed to be a fun way to get the school...

Orchestra pop concert coming Saturday, Dec. 5

Allison Sachwitz

December 3, 2015

The Orchestra Pop Concert is Saturday, Dec. 5, at 4 p.m. The concert will be hosted with cabaret-style seating in the Black Box Theatre. “The concert will be sort of rock and old pop music, and I really like it,” senio...

Student Council Raises Funds through Dodgeball Tournament

Jori Gelbaugh

November 24, 2015

Next Saturday, Dec. 5 Student Council will be holding a dodgeball tournament to raise money for  Senior graduation. All grades and teachers are welcome to participate and form teams to compete in the tournament. The cost per t...

Democrats Club is open to all

Jack Shinabarger

November 20, 2015

Looking for a fun way to express your political views? If so, then you might want to check out the new PCHS Democrats Club. Founded by William Chung, Ryan Crawford and Christina Cincilla, the aim of the club is to teach student...

James Bond Spectre puts viewers to sleep

Bella Pedraza

November 12, 2015

As soon as the classic James Bond theme song began to play during the action-packed intro of “Spectre,” expectations grew high for this new James Bond movie. However, disappointingly enough, the full 150 minutes of complicated...

How well do you know PC’s staff quiz

Isabella Wilson

October 23, 2015

What is Mrs. LaVasseur’s favorite plant? a violet Petunia an Arnica a Cactus a white Fringetree What teacher interned at PC, teaching the exact same classes he/she teaches now? Mr. Baker Mrs. Hoffman Mr. Wytko ...

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